Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RC gliders (and powered gliders)

Radio control flight in its simplest form comes in the shape of rc gliders.

They can differ between large scale multi function models to small 'sport' gliders, and are a great way to enjoy some peaceful, hassle-free flying.

The majority of gliders are flown on two channel rc gear, with control to either rudder and elevator or aileron and elevator. Either option is fine for starting off with, but a 3rd channel (ie rudder, elevator & aileron) is always a good option to bear in mind too.

'Sport' rc gliders like the foam Multiplex Easy Glider RTF (shown below) are a very good introduction to radio control flying , as they are easy to control and learning how to fly one doesn't take too much time at all.
A 3rd channel will of course steepen the learning curve, but will give you more flexibility in the air.

Many rc gliders, like the Easy Glider, make excellent 'all round' gliders especially with control to ailerons. Gliders of this type are also very stable and forgiving, so a wrong input at the transmitter won't turn into an irrecoverable situation! (depending on how close to the ground your glider is, of course!).
At the same time, they can handle a bit more fun-style flying (eg loops and barrell rolls) very more

New - RTF Co-Comanche 2.4Ghz , Only Rp. 1.500.000,-

RAH-66 “COMANCHE” is a new helicopter being used for reconnaissance mission of arming and light assault for the land forces.

“CO-COMANCHE” was designed by TWF as a 4CH helicopter with co-axial, double rotor blades system, it is easy to fly with simple operation

which possesses the characteristics of high sensitivity and flexible turning of the real helicopter.
It was designed with divided canopy and fuselage connecting by a carbon fibre rod, which is practical and more

RTF Dauphyn 4 Channel 2,4 Ghz $160 (Rp.1.600.000)

The Dauphin has been designed with an authentic scale appearance. It's finely crafted and highly detailed fuselage features a realistic ducted tail rotor and coloured indicator lights are installed on the top of the canopy, which flash continuously in flight. The tricycle undercarriage with retractable style wheel design will add to the enjoyment of flying this superb micro electric helicopter.

ESky original FlightSIM cable (EK2-0900A) is included in the packing, installing the FMS software on the disc, and connecting the simulator port at the back of the transmitter to the computer's USB, you can then enjoy almost real flighting experience on your PC or laptop as well as to practice your flying more

The model jet engine (gas turbine)

A true model jet engine adds the ultimate touch of realism to an rc jet, and commercially produced units for radio control use are now widely available. Turbine rc jet flying has become a big thing in recent years, and there are some spectacular models around.

But this aspect of the hobby is not for the novice! Many hours of flying experience more

RC airplane training methods

There are several methods of rc airplane training, and this page will give you a brief insight into each one. The methods given here also apply to rc helicopters, but for the main part we'll stick with airplanes.

The important thing to remember when learning to fly radio control is that it will take you some time to gain confidence and better your flying skills.
As with everything in life, everyone who wants to learn something new has to start on the very bottom rung of the ladder!
RC airplane training is no different, and you need to learn to walk before you can run, as they more

News - RTF Belt CP, Only $ 240,- ( Rp. 2.350.000,- )

* CCPM System
* Auto-rotation Stystem
* Tail Belt Drive System
* High Inertial Main Blade
* High Rigidity Lron Main Shaft
* Shock Proof Lron Landing Skids
* Full Ball Bearing&Metal Ball End
* High Strength Carbon Fibre Tail Stand

Play this Belt-Cp , outdoor available , can hold small wind . Make your exiting manuver , easy to operate , This Belt-CP recomended for medium more

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